February 10, 2014

Wordpress Migration

hello people,

I have migrated to Wordpress after many many years with Blogger.

here is the new URL:   


I do intend to delete this URL completely so remove it and replace with the new link in your feeds.

I may end up paying a bit more and customizing the site but until then, it'll do.

It's still in draft form.

Best regards,

February 5, 2014

The National

Tonight I went to see Matt Berninger for an hour or so in a private little theatre.

He was hosting his brother's film "Mistaken for Strangers" which is a different point of view about Matt's band, The National.

I love The National. They are my favourite band and I probably listen to them every day.

So here is a pic of me, starstruck, after getting his autograph.

Regarding the blog, I'm over blogger tools, template etc. I'm going to merge all of the posts either into Wordpress or a different form and then I will delete this url.

I feel the need to write, so write I shall.

I appreciate your support and to be honest, didn't realise that this old place was still in feeds. So I was surprised that a few of you commented. I've said it before. I say it again. You're all fucking awesome.

Watch this space!


February 2, 2014

January 3, 2013

2013 New Post

Hello there.

I'm contemplating starting a new blog in Wordpress or finishing the migration of this one over to Wordpress.

Just thought to drop a little note here to let you know and leave you a Christmas message.

Here is the URL for the Sound Cloud audio post.

-deleted link-

I'm not sure anyone even will notice and that's ok.


October 11, 2012

Study Priorities

hey people,

I'm discontinuing blogging for awhile. Must study.  Have left you this gorgeous pic I found of the solar system. I made it my desk top picture. Isn't it pretty? Email me if you wish. Or not. I don't mind. I know we're all busy. Just short of 200, 000 hits too! C├ęst la vie!  - Love to you and yours, Cath xx

October 1, 2012

Reality Check

hi everyone,

I received quite a few emails from all sorts of people about the Calgary idea.  The overwhelming majority said 'The cold weather will kill you, Cath" and one person made me laugh aloud when they wrote "The bears are used to frozen natives. A warm and toasty Aussie like you will be appreciated" or words to that affect.

Also my friend in Alberta is considering moving to Ottawa which means I'd have no friends in Alberta.

Realistically, I'd need alot of money. I hadn't considered the exorbitant fee increase for international students and I didn't realise how expensive it would be.  I think I would rather visit Ed and George on a holiday, not a work permit and there is no way in hell I would survive those winters for three months.

So back to the drawing board I went. I looked at partner sites a bit closer to home and realised that there is one in Melbourne.

I love Melbourne.

My visits to Melbourne in the past have always been fleeting and I have not really got to know the cultural town that Melbourne is.  I'm keen to discover the restaurants, the libraries, the art galleries the parks, etc.
I'd drive across so I'd have my car. There is loads of share accommodation available (with other professional females) that I could manage.

In regards to Carissa, I ran the idea past her. She agrees it's more achievable than USA or Canada and certainly value-wise, more affordable for me. At the end of year 12, she's happy to either live with Daddio, come with or move into a share house and study. Either way, she'll be doing her first year of Uni.

I'm a bit excited. It's achievable and I could cope.

Now I've just got  to finish my assessments or I'll be stuck here forever.


September 19, 2012

International Exchange

hi everyone,

I spoke with the Field Education Coordinator today. Her name is Cecile and she was really lovely.

She discussed the international placement with me for 4th year (2014) and it just so happens that the University has current exchange programs in the same city as one of the Child Trauma Academy partners.  It will from September - December.  Looks like I'll need about $10, 000.

My planning, budget, study etc is now all based around me going to....


 I want to know everything. Everything you know - I need to know.

I'm looking at accommodation. Work permits. Study Permits. International programs. Grants.

The whole lot. What bands are from there? Are they NICE?

If you know it, know someone who will put me up, or anything - let me have it. Weather. Crime rates. What are they famous for? Who do they argue with? What is the major religion there? Are there fundamentalists there? Are they overly Christian? How many cowboys are we talking about!? Because I hate hunting, am I likely to be hated? Do they like Australians?

Should I rent a one bedroom apartment somewhere? Should I save up for a car? is Public transport efficient? Is it freezing? Will I get mugged, raped or assaulted?  Should I stay with a family? Apply to House-sit and cuddle someone's pets for 3 months?

I'm terrified. I'd much rather face snakes, crocs, The Outback and an Internet Troll.

Love to you.

September 16, 2012


I am reminded tonight about life being short. Intangible right to the end.  Maybe it's because I'm 40 now. Or that my daughter is a full blown independent driver without me. Without me having control.

The other day I was wondering if I should organise my own playlist for my funeral and wake. Be fucked if someone puts on something I would have hated!

Someone contacted me about their good friend who passed away recently. It was sad to read despite not knowing the deceased - it was sad all the same.  My compassion was still present. Someone loved this lady. She was someone's partner. Or friend. Or the mistress of her pet. She was loved.

I was also reminded that today is the first death anniversary of my ex boss - Ted  - who died of cancer aged 72. I can't say too much here because his name is famous.  The media google his name and I don't want my blog to bring our cause shame. 

Tomorrow I will wear the same red silk scarf to work as I wore to his state funeral. I am feeling a tad meloncholy, moping around unable to focus on my over-due  policy analysis assessment. Feeling inspired to succeed. To make a difference. To travel. To help.

I'm reminded again of my preferred field, with male survivors watching Boystown - and the tales of sexual abuse the brave amazing men are sharing.

What will happen when you go? Who will be with you as you take your final breath?

What will people remember about you one year after you've gone?

Will they remember their own short-comings?

I wish I'd told them................

Why didn't they forgive me? 

Did he/she know how much I cared? 

I hope he knows how much I cared.

What stories will people say about you when it's the anniversary of your death?

 Drive carefully. Love someone today. Be nice to each other.

Tomorrow is another day.


September 11, 2012

Brain Dump

hi everyone,

There has been so many different scenarios where I wanted to stop by and tell you. Of course, the moment passes, I forget or it gets lost in a constant whirlwind of life.

Certainly at the top of the pops is my girl. She's driving independantly now. She drives herself to school everday. She drives to the shops. She drives to hang out with her friends. She drives her friends around (for a petrol fee) and well, I'm free now.  I'm no longer required to be there for those needs and it's taken a bit of adjusting but I'll be okay. I'm viewing it how it is - a positive and moving on.

The other thing that's on my mind is my placements for my Social Work degree.

Recently I saw Dr Bruce Perry speak here in Adelaide.  He's a child psychiatrist from Houston TX and his research and practice centers around the neuron-development stage of the brain when it comes to children who have experienced trauma. Basically, their brain is robbed of things by the actions or inactions of others. This puts them behind the eight-ball when it comes to forming attachments, loving relationships and other essential requirements to lead a well balanced meaningful life. I've read his first book "The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog"  and couldn't put it down.  He's provided therapeutic engagement to children from the Columbine School massacre, the Waco Cult and other amazing feats. He's got a great sense of humour to boot.

For my degree, I am required to do a work placement in 3rd year and 4th year.  The total numbers of required hours on the job is 500 hours per placement. This equates to about 13  weeks. I have contacted the head office of Dr Perry in Houston TX and they've been supportive in hosting me in either their office or one of their partner offices. The partner offices include Calgary, Ohio, Kansas, North Dakota, California, New Mexico, Vermont and a couple of others.  I spoke with a Canadian friend at work who said that Calgary is fun, full of rodeos (which I despise) and cowboys. She said 4:1 men to women and laughed with encouragement for me to pick Calgary.  Also, this would give me a chance to meet Ed a friend in Lethbridge Canada and George who lives in Thunder Bay.

The other option is a University Exchange with one of the Uni's sister colleges. These are many but include Buffalo, Minnesota, University of Victoria (BC) and a couple of others. My friend this time said University of Victoria is beautiful as is Ryerson - her old Uni also in Canada.

I'm excited now. I have always been keen to work in USA especially in child sex offense because of the prevalence of it over there. It's always been my ideal to work with parents and children in an education program to protect their babies. Targeting the most vulnerable and the most silent..... they're the ones that are found dead.

So now, I just have to figure out how when what and why. Next Wednesday I'm meeting with my Field Placement Officer to discuss 3rd year placement which will be local. I'll probably target Witness Support Services in Courts and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. I would prefer supporting families of victims though through the justice system.  I wish I had thought this through earlier so I could go overseas for my 3rd year but if I'm honest with myself, I have to admit working overseas on 4th year would help me feel more confident.  Carissa will be in her first year of Uni, independant and an adult.

Who knows - if I get a job offer post-placement I might not come back for awhile.

As usual, I love your feedback and your comments.

I hope you're taking care of yourself.

Lots of it,